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Making Field Painting Easier- Eazy Crease Interview with the Developer

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The EazyCrease Marking System and EC Lines Full Field Lining Kit are saving people time and effort to mark their lacrosse, soccer, football fields and field hockey. For an inside look at how these products were created we decided to interview the developer, Dusty Wethington.

Tell us about your background with sports?
I played lacrosse while in high school for University of Kentucky lacrosse club; because there was no high school lacrosse in Kentucky.  I was a player coach for Eastern Kentucky University lacrosse team. I played roller hockey on a house and travel team. Now I coach my son and daughter’s middle school lacrosse teams. For the past five years I had fall and summer lacrosse camp to teach kids how to play lacrosse. I’ve coached sports for over thirty years.

How did the original Eazy Creasedesign come about?
The high school I coached got their football field turfed, but no lacrosse lines where added. I have OCD really bad and I was afraid of marking the crease (the circle that goes around the goal) because the paint would last about three weeks and I didn’t want to mess up a field that cost almost a million dollars. One night I had a dream of the perfect tool. The dream was so strong I got out of bed and wrote everything down. That morning when I woke up I grabbed my list and off to the hardware store I went. I got home put together a tent stake, garage door wire, wire clips, electrical pole clamp about $50.00 dollars’ worth of parts. I went outside and started painting perfect circles all over the yard, my wife thought I had lost my mind. It took me less than a minute to make the circle. I said to myself that’s the easiest crease I have ever made, and I have made many over the years.

How long did it take you to go from product concept to the market?
It took about 6 months from concept to market. The main thing was getting the cost down, and making it to last forever.

How does an Eazy Crease and EC Lines work?                                                                  
Eazy Crease has a spike, line, and paint can clamp. Just put the spike in the ground and start painting the perfect circle or arc every time.

EC Lines has all four border lines and then you move them down or across the field using tag numbers on the line to guide you. The best part is not worrying if your lines are the right length, every line is pre-measured. 

What are the lines made out of?         
The lines are made of aircraft grade steel orange coated line. The great thing about the lines, they will not knot up.

There is a lifetime guarantee on all of the Eazy Crease products. Why do you feel that is important?
My favorite question. My father was a man that if he could put duct tape on something that was broken and it would last for 15 minutes, and it would break again he would just get more duct tape. This would drive me crazy, so now when I build something I want it to last longer than me. I sold over a thousand of my Eazy Crease products and for the past four years so far no one has ever contacted me with any problems.

What fields do you line on a regular basis? How much time does the Eazy Crease/EC Lines save you?
I coach my son’s middle school lacrosse team and the assistant coach for my daughter’s middle school lacrosse team and I have to line the fields. It takes me and two other people about an hour to mark the boys and hour and half to mark the girl’s because of the circle, arc, and hash marks.

What sparked your idea to add the Full Field Lining Kits to the product line last year?
Last season it took me and three other people; two and half hours to measure and paint the boy’s field and I said to myself there has to be a better way. So I used the line that I make the Eazy Creases products, and made the first EC Lines, full field marking kit. It took me and two others one hour to mark the same field. The great thing about Eazy Crease products you don’t have to measure anything.

You can make the Eazy Crease in custom sizes. Is this a popular option?
Yes, each Eazy Crease product is made by hand so it might take a little longer to make a custom kit because of the measurements, but as a coach I understand that sometimes field space can play a part, age groups can play a part. Now sports are having tournaments with smaller teams and smaller fields. I hope one day Eazy Crease can partner up with tournament host and set up there field for them.

What is your favorite sports team and why?
My favorite team is whatever team my kids are on. Kids today don’t worry so much about winning and losing, they just love playing.

Are there any new products that are in your design pipeline?
I love solving problems, and God has given me the gift of seeing things from different perspectives. I can work on just about anything and I love to make things easy to use. So if any of your readers has an idea that I can help, please just ask. 

For more information on the Eazy Crease products visit our website, send us an email or give us a call at 800.553.MARK.

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