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Softball and Baseball Field Covers -Built to Last

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, January 2, 2020 / Posted Under: Trends, Sports, Product_Review
You work hard for your field to be in perfect condition - protect it with a cover from rain, wind or snow!

PRO-Tector Full Infield Cover for Baseball or Softball Fields

  • The PRO-Tector comes in standard sizes but can also be custom made to fit your field. The standard sizes are 90' x 90', 120' x 120', 160' x 160', 170' x 170'. 
  • There are 3 material weight options: 6 oz, 6.8 oz and 7.5 oz
  • Don't forget a roller for maneuvering and storage of the cover when not in use!
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The PRO-Tector full infield cover is constructed like no other! The entire perimeter is reinforced with 2" (6000 lb strength) seatbelt webbing. There are pull handles and grommets on all corners and every 10' around the perimeter.

Pitching Mound, Home Plate and Base Covers for your Baseball or Softball Fields

The pitching mound, home plate and base covers come in multiple standard diameters: 10', 12', 18', 20', 26' and 30'. Custom sizes and shapes can also be manufactured.
One of the most popular covers is the 6 oz polyethylene cover in white. This cover comes with grommets installed around the perimeter for staking and it is the most economical option.
Upgrading to an 18 oz vinyl cover will come with added durability and customization options. The 18 oz vinyl covers can be manufactured wind-weighted with chain sewn into the perimeter or non-weighted with grommets along the perimeter for staking. The wind-weighted covers stay in place without staking or sandbags even in high winds. 
Displaying your logo, team name or other artwork on the field will improve the look and promote your brand. The 18 oz vinyl field covers are available in 17 colors and can be customized with imprinting. This is specifically popular on the pitching mound covers or on the home plate covers. Free mock-ups are provided for imprinted covers.
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