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Football field stencils play a crucial role in optimizing the visual appeal and functionality of sports fields.

Designed specifically for football, these stencils are precision-cut templates that enable the precise marking and painting of various field elements, such as yard lines, hash marks, numbers, and logos. By ensuring accurate and uniform markings, football field stencils contribute to the professional appearance of the playing surface, enhancing the overall experience for players, coaches, and spectators alike.

Custom Field Logo Stencils

See your brand or logo come to life on the field with a mascot stencil, logo stencil, or with a stencil that spells your team name!

Make your field look unique with your logo, school name or team mascot painted on it using a custom made field logo stencil. Many different types and styles of sports stencils are offered and we will make a recommendation based on what would be easiest to paint and will prolong the life of the stencil based on your unique application.

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Large Letter Stencils | Individually Cut

Get your field ready for game day.

Letter stencils can be cut in any font or size to be used on any field!

If you are interested in custom letter stencils or a full end zone layout Contact us for a free quote!

Stencils are made to order: allow 2-3 weeks for production.

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Football Field Number Stencil

Get perfect football field numbers every time.

Get your field ready for game day with our durable football field number stencil. This tough yet flexible sheet plastic stencil makes it easy to prepare your grass or turf field for play.

• Supports high school football 6-foot sideline number standards
• Made from tough yet flexible 1/8” plastic
• Includes (0,1,2,3,4,5,G & Arrow)

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Football Field Hash Mark Stencil

Get perfect lines every time with this football field hash mark stencil kit.

This tough yet flexible sheet plastic stencil makes it easy to prepare your grass or turf field for play.

Designed for rugged permanent use, the hashes are machine-cut on 1/8 inch ( 125 mil ) solid stencil. 

• There are FOUR 4 x 24 inch hashes and TWO 4 x 24 inch hashes in the cross direction.
• Solid plastic stencil unfolds for easy, long-term use.

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Football Field End Zone Stencils & Letter Stencils

Your end zone is where the action happens! Use a custom made field stencil to paint your end zone with your logo, school names or initials, or team mascot!

Stencils are manufactured from a durable, flexible plastic material that folds or rolls for shipping and storage, similar to a tarp.

Logo stencils can be created for synthetic turf or natural grass athletic fields.

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Closeout Letter Stencils | Limited Options

Get your field ready for game day with our flexible yet sturdy football end zone stencils! The standard option is a 16' tall block font letter stencil. These individually cut letter stencils are an economical way to decorate your end zone with your school name or mascot.

Made from tough yet flexible agricultural grade plastic that can be reused. We recommend laying out the stencils once at the beginning of the season and then doing touch-ups by hand as neeeded.

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Football Sponsor Logo Stencils

Paint your company name or logo on any athletic field using a custom stencil!

We can help you turn your company logo or name into a field stencil to be painted on the field as a supporter or sponsor of an athletic team.

Field stencils are custom made from a variety of plastic materials from flexible to rigid. We will help you select the material to best suit your logo and application whether it is for a special event or one time use or if the stencil will be used multiple times.

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Special Event Stencils

Paint any logo or word on a lawn, field or cement using a stencil for a special event!

We will help you through the process to turn your logo or image into a stencil that will look great when painted.

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