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Football Field End Zone Design

Posted by TruMark / Friday, January 18, 2019 / Posted Under: Trends, Sports, Turf _Tips, Product_Review

When you think about the aesthetics of a football field, we know that the sideline numbers, lines and hash marks are there to guide and regulate play. Let’s take the next step and explore options for beyond the goal line!


When deciding how you want your end zone to look you can consider multiple sources for inspiration! You can paint a pattern or design, lettering or a logo – mix and match these and there are hundreds of combinations. Your team name, school name, mascot are all good starting subjects to explore.

End Zone Letter Stencils

Words and letters can be applied to your end zone in a variety of ways. There are individually cut letter stencils that come in standard fonts or you can use a custom font for letter stencils that can either be cut individually or as a full layout.

Individually Cut Letters

We offer two standard size letter stencils that can be ordered as individual letters to spell out words or phrases.

The first is a 16’ tall Block Letter Stencil. These letters are a sans-serif font where most letters are 10’ wide except the W is 11', R, P and B are 9.5', S is 9' and I is 2.5' wide.

16' Block End Zone Letter Stencils
16' Tall Block End Zone Letter Stencils

The second option for individually cut letters are 22’ tall Collegiate Letter Stencils. These are similar to a Varsity font. Most of the letters are 16’ wide except I is 7', Q is 17’ and W is 22’ wide.

22' Collegiate End Zone Letter Stencils
22' Tall Collegiate End Zone Letter Stencils

{Note: Make sure that what you want to spell will fit in your end zone! A standard size football field end zone dimensions are 30’ (10 yards) deep x 160’ (53 1/3 yards) wide. You’ll want to make sure that there is enough room for the letter width and spacing between each letter or word and the sideline.}

Pro’s of Individually Cut Letter Stencils

  • This is the most economical option to decorate your end zone.
  • You can re-use letters that are repeating! For example, if you are spelling “REBELS” you would only need one letter “E” stencil.
  • You can play with the year after year to achieve a different look. Some years you can space the letters close together and other years try spacing them further apart.
  • It is easy to free-hand borders around the letters to achieve a custom look.

Con’s Of Individually Cut Letter Stencils

  • Your initial layout for the year will take a quite a bit of time to measure and space the letters accurately. This should only need to be done once at the beginning of your season and then you can do touch-ups by hand.

Full Layout End Zone Stencils with Words or Letters

An alternative to individually cut letter stencils are full end zone layout stencils. With a full end zone layout you can use any font and size that you would like. The letters or words are cut into the plastic with the spacing included. Typically full end zone layouts are cut in a few pieces to ease shipping costs and make maneuvering the pieces of plastic on the field easier.

Full End Zone Layout Stencil with Letters
Full End Zone Layout Letter Stencil
Full End Zone Layout Stencil - Painted
Full End Zone Layout Stencil - Painted





















Pro’s of Full End Zone Layout Stencils

  • Layout is much quicker and there is less measuring involved.
  • It is easy to free-hand borders around the letters to achieve a different look from the game or year before.
  • You can add a mascot or logo to the same stencil next before or after the words.

Con’s of Full End Zone Layout Stencils

  • A full end zone layout will be a more costly option than individually cut letters.
  • You cannot change the spacing between letters year over year to achieve different looks.


Patterns Painted in the End Zone

Most patterns such as checkerboards or diamonds are typically done the old fashioned way – with string! Combining a pattern with lettering or a logo is a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck!

Diamond End Zone with Letter Stencils
Diamonds Painted in the End Zone with String with Letter Stencils


Checkerboard End Zone with Logo Stencil
Checkered Pattern Painted with String with a Logo Stencil in the Middle

End Zone Logo Stencils or Mascot Stencils

Another idea to add some personality to your end zone is to paint your mascot or logo in the end zone using a stencil. This can be done on either side of lettering or centered in the end zone. Logo stencils can be created on separate pieces of plastic or incorporated into a full end zone layout stencil.

End Zone Layout with Lettering and Logo Stencils
End Zone Letter Stencils with Lettering and Logos


End Zone Layout Stencil with Logo
Full End Zone Layout Stencil with Lettering and Logo

Make a Statement or Support a Cause in Your End Zone

Your end zone can be a place where you send a message! One school used their annual theme to make a statement and another school painted a ribbon stencil in pink to raise awareness Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.

Painting End Zone American Flag
American Flag Painted in End Zone
Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Stencil Painted in End Zone

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Stencil Painted in End Zone
















The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your end zone. Contact us with your ideas and we can take them from mock-up to reality on the field!