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What is the Best Synthetic Turf Paint for the Job?

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, June 1, 2017 / Posted Under: Demos, Product_Review, Trends, Turf _Tips

Is your synthetic turf field doing double duty? Maybe even triple duty? We get numerous calls about the increasing demands that a field needs to meet. The Eco Chemical TempLine Synthetic Turf Paint products offers the perfect solution regardless of your field needs.

The Original formula is the most popular paint providing easy application, thorough coverage and high weather and play resistance. It allows for fast removal and changeover speeds if necessary.

The Fast Break formula is designed for short-term events or when frequent field changes are required. It is moderately resistant to weather and play. The true value of this formula comes into play when removal is necessary. This is a good paint for warm, dry climates and other high-temperature conditions.

The Tough formula is the most durable formulation designed for harsher conditions that require greater weather resistance or durability. This is ideal for longer term applications.

All of the paints are available in a variety of vibrant colors. The paint coats but does not create build-up and doesn't texture to negatively impact the play on the field.

Whether you have extensive experience with synthetic turf paint or if this is your first time using it you will get the support necessary to identify the correct product for the job and professional guidance in preparation, painting and removal.

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