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AmeriStripe Ready 2 Spray Field Marking Paint Colors Now Available

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, July 11, 2013 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Trends, Turf _Tips
AmeriStripe Ready-2-Spray
Colored Field Marking Paint
An early pioneer in ready to spray field marking paint, All American Paint Co. introduced the AmeriStripe Ready-2-Spray Bulk Latex paint formulation to include colors that doesn't require any dilution with water. Save valuable staff time by no longer diluting and mixing the paint formulation.

With busy schedules sport field marking operations staff save time by using the product without having to take time to mix, then dilute with water and finally remix. Just mix/stir the product, if at all necessary, once the paint lid is removed and now you are ready for the application using a walk-behind or self-propelled field marking unit. Just open the lid, ensure the formulation is well mixed, possibly remix before use , then use right out of the pail or pour into another paint container. I use a paint paddle connected to an electric or cordless drill for remixing operations.

A customer's special field marking requirements can now be met with many vibrant colors, especially for custom field stencil painting and multi-use fields that are being used by two or more sport activities during the same time of year. Being able to quickly apply different colored lines on the same sports field helps reduce the overall time in field marking operations.

Since this product is latex based it is easy to cleanup after. This product can be diluted to a ratio of 1 to 1 for those practice fields where high visibility is not as important while trying to improve on overall cost savings.

Please refer to the following posts to learn how much paint is needed for lining different fields. Don't forget to consider using a plant growth regulator in your paint formulation to help hold that line even longer.
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