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Celebrating 10th Anniversary -- Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker

Posted by TruMark / Wednesday, May 16, 2012 / Posted Under: Uncategorized

Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker Celebrates 10th Anniversary Under New Management

The Tru Mark product line started with one product in 1995, Model E-100 walk-behind field marker and expanded to a second product, RS-500 self-propelled riding field marker in 1999. The Tru Mark assets were purchased in 2002 by the, Inc., a Nebraska corporation with Mark and Kathy Hall as principle officers.

The company now offers field marking equipment and supplies in 13 product categories with over 700 unique product items through the website. There are a mixture of products produced, assembled, and shipped locally from Norfolk, NE while other products are shipped directly from Tru Mark vendors to customers. Many of Tru Mark customers are youth sports associations, high schools, and city park and recreation departments along with college and professional sports organizations. Most customers are located in the lower 48 states with some are world-wide. The company has been able to source most manufactured items and commercial parts through local companies which has been an advantage to company operations which is a testament to Northeast Nebraska’s business community.

Tru Mark was one of the first sports field equipment companies to offer a 12-volt battery operated pump technology solution for applying diluted field marking paint to sports fields. In addition, Tru Mark was one of the first distributors to market directly to customers through a electronic commerce website. Tru Mark continues to introduce innovations to the market place, most recent products include multi-purpose sandbags, time saving string winders, colored marking whiskers, EZ-70 Stow-in-Go field marker, variations on the RS-500 self-propelled rider, sports field stencils and protective covers, and field marking paint and chalk solutions. A soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and ultimate field layout tool, a no cost desktop application, has been successful in helping organizational volunteers and staff members quickly and accurately lay out any size field.

With business and customer connections all across the county, and world, Tru Mark has been able to provide insights into saving money and time when it comes to marking out, painting and protecting your sport turf surfaces. Many of these insights are capture in Tru Mark Trail Blazing blog entries and new product introductions.
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