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Website Updates--Bongo International Forwarding, TenFoot Supports Mobile Devices

Posted by TruMark / Friday, October 26, 2012 / Posted Under: Trends, Services uses the Magento open source eCommerce website platform that allows for many third party developed plug-ins to be evaluated and incorporated. The Magento Connect control panel allows for a straightforward implementation,

We've taken advantage of a couple of these that help our international and mobile device customers.
  • Bongo International provides a US warehouse address where they then forward to the overseas customer's address. The customer registers from a link, such as the Tru Mark FAQ Shipping Rates area to the Bongo website where they receive a US shipping address for a very modest fee along with their billing information for the international leg of the shipment. Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker only charges the customer for the traditional US shipping costs using the shopping cart.
  • TenFoot has developed a Magento plug-in for our website that improves the access to the website when viewing from a smartphone and tablet. Tru Mark recognizes the increase in customers using these modern mobile platforms and is trying to improve their experience.
  • While evaluating an Android tablet capabilities we were able to confirm that the Polaris Office application suite successfully executes the Tru Mark Field layout tools for soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and ultimate sports field dimensions. This latest desktop solution for the mobile platforms follows the Office Plus solution for the Apple iPhones and Documents to Go on a Blackberry device.
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