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Tchoukball -- Non-contact Team Sport for PE Classes and Intramural Programs Coming to a School Near You

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, February 2, 2012 / Posted Under: Sports, Demos
description of the rules of the Tchoukball game is available form the FITB organization website (PDF).

For a quick method to help layout out a Tchoukball playing area we would recommend using the Ultimate Frisbee Field Layout Tool to achieve squared corners no matter the space available.

This sport lends itself to an extracurricular school program as well as YMCA and other youth sponsor activities to increase physical fitness and teamwork. There are similarities to Ultimate while not allowing physical contact or player "challenges".

For hard floor marking tape you should consider 3M Vinyl Tape 471. Contact Tru Mark for pricing and color availability. For outdoor use you can use temporary marking solutions like Aerosol Chalk or Bulk Chalk (diluted with water and applied with airless sprayer) or more permanent field marking paint just as Aerosol Paint and Bulk Latex Paint.
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