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What Does Outstanding Service Consist Of?

Posted by TruMark / Friday, July 15, 2011 / Posted Under: Services, Testimonials

I'm always looking to do business, whether on a personal or business level, with individuals that provide outstanding service when I'm not expecting anything out of the ordinary. I've experienced two positive customer service examples in the last week.

At home we needed to replace and adjust some sprinkler heads in 8 zones. Yes, I could probably have done it myself but it would have taken twice as long besides going to the store to purchase the correct replacement heads.

I called Alex Weaver, owner of Guaranteed Lawn and Irrigation, from the Norfolk, NE area. I gave him the situation over the phone and asked him to stop by to survey the situation in more detail. He said he would probably make the stop several days later on Friday or Saturday. Alex said he would call first.

On Friday at lunch time I did get his call. Alex was between jobs so he asked very politely if he could stop over. He showed up in 15 minutes and we took about 10 minutes to survey and flag those irrigation heads needing replacement from the 8 zones and over 50 sprinkler heads in the yard.

Not expecting him to start at that moment Alex indicated he would see what he could get done in the next hour before his next appointment.

Well in less than one hour he had replaced 5 sprinkler heads, a couple large capacity and the other small capacity heads, in a very professional manner, putting grass back in place with sprinkler heads at the correct height. Then Alex Weaver went through all the zones readjusting the sprinkler head spray patterns, over 2 dozen needing some adjustment.

Now that is service. I will be asking him to do more in the future. Besides irrigation installations and service Alex is in partnership with his father in an ever expanding business that includes mowing, fertilizing, weed control, aerating, power raking, seeding, sodding, snow removal.

Alex Weaver, Owner
Guaranteed Lawn and Irrigation
503 Opal Lane
Norfolk, NE 68701

I asked Alex what sprinkler heads he preferred, Rainbird irrigation sprinkler heads were his first choice followed by Hunter sprinkler heads.

In my situation, Alex had the parts with him to replace the broken sprinkler heads. Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker normally has field marking replacement parts on hand for immediate shipment to the customer. Tru Mark equipment was designed so there is little or no special equipment involved, primarily simple hand tools, to replace common wear items. In most cases Tru Mark offers field kits that include the common replacement parts to minimize any downtime during the field striping operations throughout the sports season.
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