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Closeout Letter Stencils | Limited Options

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Get your field ready for game day with our flexible yet sturdy football end zone stencils! The standard option is a 16' tall block font letter stencil. These individually cut letter stencils are an economical way to decorate your end zone with your school name or mascot.

  • Get perfect letters every time
  • Made from tough yet flexible agricultural grade plastic that can be reused. We recommend laying out the stencils once at the beginning of the season and then doing touch-ups by hand as neeeded.
  • Block Letters are 16' tall and most are 10' wide except the following: W is 11', R, P and B are 9.5', S is 9', I is 2.5'.
  • Stencils are cut individually and as 1 color. Borders can easily be added to customize the look.
  • Custom sizes and styles are available upon request

If you are interested in custom letter stencils or a full end zone layout Contact us for a free quote!

Visit our FAQ page to find out how much paint we recommend for a stencil and get tips on application, including 16' Block end-zone letter layout directions.

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