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What Kind of Logo File Is Necessary for Stencils or Imprinting?

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, May 3, 2018 / Posted Under:

When requesting quotes for logo stencils or providing artwork for imprinting on field covers or windscreens we always ask for a high resolution or vector files. 

Why won't a picture of my logo on a hat work for quoting or production?

We gather measurements from the logo file provided. Even if you take the photo directly in front of the hat there will be a curve that will distort the measurement of the logo.

Why won't a low resolution file work to simply get a quote?

When quoting we need to know the measurements of the logo to provide the full size that the logo will be either as a stencil or imprinted on a windscreen or field cover. Specifically in the case of logo stencils we need to make sure that all detail can be cut into the stencil. As we make low resolution files larger to zoom in on the detail the image can get fuzzy or distorted.

What if I don't have the correct type of file?

We do offer logo or artwork re-creation graphic services at an hourly rate.

This article sums it up!

Read the full explanation about why we require vector files here.