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When is Aerosol Paint the Best Option for Field Painting?

Posted by TruMark / Monday, April 9, 2018 / Posted Under:

We get asked all the time - what is the best paint for my field? Today we'll explore the scenarios where aerosol paint is the best option and delve into some product details.

We recommend using aerosol paint if...:

  • Your field does not have a water are painting a logo stencil
  • You have a small field to paint with not many lines (such as a youth size soccer field or baseball/softball outfield lines)
  • You have several (inexperienced) volunteers doing touch-up painting
  • Convenience is more important than cost

Benefits of Aerosol Paint

  • Aerosol paint will give you a consistent line every time. If you shake the can properly and spray, the contents will come out of the can at an even distribution and a consistent quality. Each can, every time.
  • It's quick and easy to use. No need for diluting with water, you simply shake the can for 30 seconds to a minute and and are ready to begin marking. Depending on the application, you can use your finger or a hand held gun to spray the paint or you can use a simple aerosol marking cart for painting your lines.
  • Not much training required. If you have volunteers painting your field they can be up and running with 15 mins of training (or less).
  • Convenience. Whether you don't like hauling heavy pails of paint around or are simply looking for the quickest way to mark your field, aerosol paint is about as easy as it gets. 
  • Perfect for logos or touch-ups. When you need to get more precise or artistic work done, aerosol cans are the way to go.

Drawbacks of Aerosol Paint

  • It can be more costly. We always recommend doing the math to see if bulk paint will really save you money. Investing in a bulk paint machine and pails of paint if you have just a small amount of painting to do may not be more economical. It certainly would be more expensive to use aerosol paint if you have numerous fields (especially if you have a separate practice field where you could dilute bulk paint to achieve cost savings).uni
  • It can be a lower quality line. Bulk paint typically provides a higher quality line than an aerosol paint.

How is Aerosol Paint Applied?

There are a few options for application for aerosol paints. First, you can use your finger! We only recommend this if you have a small logo or touch-ups to paint...and if you don't mind getting messy! The next options are marking guns/wands or sticks with a wheel. These are hand-held machines that have a trigger to spray. Finally, a paint marking cart is the most popular options for painting lines. 

Ready to Paint?

Visit our website at to explore our aerosol paint options. 

If you aren't sure if aerosol paint is right for your field give us a call at 800-553-6275 or send us an email and we would be happy to discuss!