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Save Time, Save Work with the TruMark Heavy Duty String Winder

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, April 5, 2018 / Posted Under:

Does anybody love painting their lines for game day?

We talk to hundreds of people every year that are looking for ways, as simple as they may be, to save time or effort when marking their fields. When we attend trade shows people act out the cranking motion of winding string as one task that is less than enjoyable. Out of that pain a product was born. TruMark's Heavy Duty String Winder was developed to be a simple fix to save time and effort. The winder is made of nickel plated steel with ball bearings and comes with 1000' ft of braided twine. It's easy to pull and unwind to lay out your lines and then when you are done you simply attach your own cordless drill and wind the string back up. 



So, what is your time worth? What is your effort worth? This little invention could be the one that gets you home quicker.

Check it out on our website or contact us for more information!