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Tips for Shared Lacrosse Fields

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, February 22, 2018 / Posted Under:

Lacrosse season is here!

If you play Lacrosse you might be in a unique position regarding your use of fields and facilities. As detailed by SportsField Management Magazine, lacrosse is usually not played on a unique field, but instead is played on a shared football or soccer field. The result is that you often need temporary markings on either a natural or synthetic turf field. This means two things; the markings need to be removed, and you will need to re-measure and paint your field often.

Here are some useful items:

Removable Synthetic Turf Paint

This is your most professional look if you are playing on a synthetic turf field. It also requires some remover, man power and/or some special equipment.* Browse our different brands of removable turf paint or give us a call and we can walk you through the options!

Aerosol Chalk

This is a quick and cheap alternative to bulk paint. It works just like aerosol paint for fields, but dries to a consistency of chalk. Brush or spray it off with water when you are done.*  Browse our aerosol chalk options.

Field Stencils

Like all sports, having your logo displayed on the field brings pride and professionalism to any game. Custom field stencils can be made out of a variety of materials and we can help you identify which one and at what size would be best for your team. Send us your logo to get a quote!

Marking Tools

When it comes to lining your field the goal is always to get it done perfectly in the least amount of time. It can be a painful process, so hopefully it can be just a little easier with some of the following products to help you with accuracy or save you a bit of work.

  • String, because of course. Tried and true way for a straight line every time.
  • Marking Whiskers/Stake-All Marking Whiskers. A reliable way to maintain those intersections and not have to re-measure.
  • EC Full Field Kit. One kit to do it all. Never measure, get perfect corners, arcs and circles and made to last out of cable with a lifetime warranty.

*All substances applied to synthetic turf can leave a lasting shadow or “ghost” especially dark colors applied on top of lighter ones. Always do a test on an inconspicuous spot to predict future results.

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