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Add Your Logo to Windscreens, Field Covers and Padding

Windscreens, field covers, padding and field protectors serve a variety of purposes; they protect your infield, turf and track, cover your fences and padding serves the most important purpose of all, keeping your players safe. Whether you are on or off the field these products can also serve another purpose – Display your Brand!


Chroma-Bond Imprinted Turf Protector

Every vinyl-surfaced windscreen, field cover, padding or sign product is eligible to have Chroma-Bond® Imprinting or digital imprinting. With this you can put team logos, names, slogans or sponsors names directly on your field. If you want to see this in action there are examples at every NCAA and Professional Sporting event.  From mound covers in the middle of a baseball diamond to the sideline protectors covering the sidelines on Saturday’s and Sunday’s teams are using field necessities to raise team pride. 

  Chroma-Bond vs Digital Imprinting: 

  • Chroma-Bond                                                           
    • Multi-Color Logos
    • Eliminates Weathering, Premature fading, scuffing, and the white mesh backside color.
    • Extremely durable
    • Resistant to spikes and cleats
    • Thick coating that’s applied twice and bonds (hence Chroma-Bond) directly to the vinyl and masks underlying fabric color

Chroma-Bond Imprinted Windscreen

  • Digital Imprinting
    • Multi-color images
    • Perfect for detailed graphics
    • Sunlight and weather resistant
    • Optional – SpotLight Clear Coat to add additional UV and abrasion protection 

Digitally Printed Windscreen

 Considerations when selecting a type of imprinting:

  • Chroma-Bond is more expensive then digital, but it does last longer.
  • Images are priced based on size and the amount of colors used. Bigger is more expensive and more colors adds to the price as well.
  • Lead times – when you order something with your own logo on it, it will be custom made. Depending on the time of year and the product the amount of time for your item to be made and shipped ranges from weeks to a few months, we can give you a rough estimation and then provide a date it would ship once it becomes an order and gets a spot in the production schedule.

Products available for imprinting: 

Visit our website, contact us via email or call us at 800-553-6275 to get started today!



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