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How Much Aerosol Paint Do I Need For a Football Field?

Posted by TruMark / Wednesday, August 17, 2016 / Posted Under: Sports, Turf _Tips
We get asked the question "How much paint do I need?" at least once a day. And of course our answer is usually, "It depends!" Here's a basic estimate for how much paint you need for a football field using aerosol paint.

The dimensions of a "full" football field are 120 yards (360') long x 53 1/3 yards (160') wide.

We are assuming that a 4" line is being painted using an aerosol marking machine.

Painting the sidelines, every 5 yard line, numbers and hash marks for a football field it will take approximately 3 cases of paint (12 cans/case) for a single pass.

If you don't paint the hashes or numbers you can get away with 2 cases of paint. if you walk faster than the average person, or your grass hasn't been mowed in a month call us and we can help you adjust the estimate...

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