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Tight Budget? Get Your Field to Work for You!

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, April 6, 2017 / Posted Under: Services, Sports, Trends, Turf _Tips
Budgets are tight and it seems like turf managers are being asked to do more with less, as noted in the 2017 State of the Industry Survey completed by SportsField Management.  There are a variety of ways that you can get your field to work for you. Many organizations are partnering with businesses to generate additional sources of revenue. 

Imprinting corporate logos on windscreens or tarps and covers are a great way to gain additional financing for those items.Windscreens and tarps will last for years to come displaying both your sponsor(s) and your own logo. 

We are seeing more and more corporate logos on collegiate and professional fields. Logos can be applied with a custom stencil season long on natural grass fields or synthetic turf, or they can be as brief as a single day. The possibilities are endless. A custom logo stencil is an easy way to provide the exposure that the sponsor is looking for and at the same time won’t strain your already tight resources. With the added sponsorship contribution you might even be able to get that new laser for your paint sprayer you have been eyeing!

We recently completed a large project for the Vermont Bucks Football team. As their exclusive stencil provider we created stencils for the corporate sponsors to feature their logos on the field.  

No matter what project you are contemplating, we can help you analyze, price, mock up and execute your plan so that you can maximize the opportunity while maintaining the aesthetics and integrity of your field.

Give us a call at 1-800-553-6275 or send us an email at to get started today!
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