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Your Guide To Athletic Field Stencils

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Your Guide To Athletic Field Stencils

Are you ready to add some inspiration and paint your field with your team logo, name or mascot? We have created a guide on our website that will answer many frequently asked questions about field stencils. Here is a quick summary and you can read the full guide here.

The Basics

Hash Mark Stencil
Let’s start with the necessities. Of course you will need your white boundary lines. For football you’ll need hash marks and sideline numbers painted on the field. For baseball you will need the batters and catchers box and base path painted.

Let’s Talk End Zones

The possibilities are endless when decorating your end zone to add some personality to your field.
  • End Zone Letter Stencils: Spell out your school name, your team name, your mascot or a unique phrase in your end zone using our standard letters stencils in either a block font or a collegiate font or we can create custom letters using a font you provide. Letters are cut individually on 10 mil flexible plastic so no duplicate letters need to be purchased. When the stencils arrive simply unfold them and space them out as desired in the end zone.
  • Custom Logo End Zone Stencil: Add your school logo or mascot to the end zone in a stencil that is custom made for you. Our custom field stencils are made from either an 8 mil plastic in a “connect-the-dots” style cutout or a 10 mil “paint-by-number” style cutout depending on what will make your stencil easiest to paint and last the longest.
  • End Zone Patterns: Checkerboard, tiger stripes or houndstooth pattern end zones are typically created using measuring and string but a stencil can be created at any size or scale to make this job easier!





Mid Field Inspiration

Bring the inspiration with a midfield logo stencil for your football field. Most football midfield stencils are made to fit between the 45 yard lines (approx. 27’-30’ in width). We use either an 8 mil plastic in a “connect-the-dots” style cutout or a 10 mil “paint-by-number” style cutout for our football midfield stencils based on what will make your stencil easiest to paint and last the longest. You can use your school mascot or team logo or any other image to bring attention and make your field look unique. Check out any college football field stencil or professional football field stencil to get ideas!

Soccer Field Stencils

Bring the inspiration with a midfield logo stencil for your soccer field! A midfield soccer stencil would be located within the center circle which gives you up 57 feet to work with although most are around 30 feet.  Custom logos can also be placed in the corners or down the touchlines.  We use either an 8 mil plastic in a “connect-the-dots” style cutout or a 10 mil “paint-by-number” style cutout for our soccer midfield stencils based on what will make your stencil easiest to paint and last the longest. You can use your school mascot or team logo or any other image to bring attention and make your field look unique. Check out any college or professional soccer pitch stencil to get ideas!


Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

Softball or baseball field stencils are a great way to make a lasting impression of your team to fans, alumni and recruits!

  • Base Line Stencils: Make this space look unique by adding a logo for a special event (ie: championship game or a tournament logo) or your team name using a custom letter stencil or a custom logo stencil. Images that are rectangular and wider than they are tall look best in this area
  • Logo Stencil for Behind Home Plate: This is a great area to advertise your team’s logo or mascot using a baseball field stencil.
  • Infield or Outfield Stencils: You can use a giant stencil for the outfield or a very small stencil for behind the pitcher’s mound to add some personality to your field.
  • Baseball Field Stencil: 8.5’ diameter baseball to paint on your field. Add your player’s number for a special tribute to a particular player.



Unique Uses for Custom Field Stencils

Whatever your event entails we can create a custom stencil to bring awareness to your cause or brand.



What’s the Custom Stencil Process Like?

·       Send us your logo in a high resolution format; a vector file works best. Along with your logo it is helpful to know your deadline and where on your field you want the logo as well as the approximate size that you have in mind. If you aren't sure what size would look best or if you want us to quote multiple size options we can do that and make recommendations.

When converting a logo that is used for printing to a graphic that gets painted on a field sometimes we need to make moderate tweaks to the logo to make sure it 1) can be cut 2) can be painted and most importantly 3) can be seen by the fans! We will always tell you up front if any adjustments need to be made to your logo.

We will quote the size and cost of the stencil as well as provide the current lead time. Mockups are available at the customer request.

 If you need graphic work done on your logo we can make small changes at no cost. Any complex graphic work can be done and is charged hourly at $50/hour.

Stencil production is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Lead times are approximately 2-3 weeks during the busy season of July through September.

Your stencil will ship with detailed instructions for painting. We are always available via phone, text or FaceTime to help with painting if you have questions right from the field.

What Are Field Stencils Made of and How Long Will it Last?

The sideline number stencils and hash mark stencils are manufactured from durable, rigid sheets of plastic which means they will last for many, many applications if not forever! The letter stencils and custom logo stencils are manufactured from either an 8 mil or 10 mil agricultural grade sheet plastic for durability, flexibility and easy storage by rolling or folding. Letter stencils and custom field stencils vary in how long they will last based on the complexity of the image and how the stencil is cut. We can give you an estimation for the life expectancy of your stencil during the quoting process.

How Much Paint is Needed for a Field Stencil?

A rule of thumb for painting field stencils is approximately 1 gallon of diluted bulk paint per 100 square feet of stencil. For example a Large Block Letter stencil, 10' x 16', will have approximately 100 square feet of painted area. When using aerosol paint we would recommend 4 cans of aerosol paint per letter. If this is the first application you may use more and subsequent painting operations will likely use less paint. 

How to Paint Field Stencils

When using the custom stencilbring with you a colored picture of the logo. This allows the field painting staff to recognize how the stencil was manufactured relative to the logo features. Many custom stencils will have a border or series of borders. Some of these borders will be cut out using bracing for strength and designated by using a series half moon and rectangular cut outs.
Cut the grass as short as possible, this will make for a more clear image and you can use less paint!
Step 1: Lay out stencil on ground to relax.
Arrange stencil on field in desired location.
Prior to taking the stencil to the field we recommend spreading out it to lay flat and remove creases. You want to minimize the amount of time that a custom stencil is spread out on the natural turf to reduce any heat stress to the turf. Use some method to square the stencil on the playing field, using the yard lines and hash marks and string. Once the field stencil has been laid out you must secure the stencil in place using sandbags or other weights - we do not recommend piercing the plastic with anything, such as landscape staples.

Have all your different colored paint and painting machine available before the stencil is laid out. Have a rinse pail of water available for mistake corrections and clean-out between paint colors. Use an aerosol field marking paint can or spray wand applicator connected a field marking paint sprayer to quickly outline the painted sections of the stencil so the stencil can be removed quickly from the turf. 
Step 2: Paint all sections removed from the plastic.
Step 3: Remove stencil and fill in all areas held in place by bracing.
After the stencil has been removed then fill in the respective painted areas. 
To help a stencil stand out you can first paint a white background. Also you can free hand paint a different color border around the logo. This is especially effective for end zone letter stencils and is really easy to do!

For those stadiums with shorter bleachers we recommend placing the stencil on the home field side of center line of the field. More of the stencil will be visible due to the height of football field center relative to the sideline.

Keep in mind as you are painting that the stencil is designed to look best from a distance so stand back to get a better perspective!

Bring a camera - the logo is going to look great and you are going to want a picture! Send a copy to TruMark so we can admire your work as well!
Contact us via email or call us at 800-553-6275 and we can help bring the inspiration to your field!


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