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Titan Tool Powrliner 2014 Summer Promotion

Posted by TruMark / Saturday, May 10, 2014 / Posted Under: Product_Review
many savings on Titan Tool Line Striping Equipment.

In concert with the summer saving program Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker has introduced the Titan Powrliner 4950 two-gun unit to include the 12-gallon Paint Tank Hopper and the Turf Tire options as standard equipment.

Once the Titan unit is purchased we'll provide a serial number(s) along with a receipt/invoice so you can send in the Summer Coupon for 2014 savings, even before the item is delivered.

I have to pass on a little "chest pounding" from our Titan sales representative, "Our TITAN Lazy Liners are selling at record pace and are completely compatible with Graco (same ball hitch, height, etc, etc).  We even sell the hitch for the LL3900 and up if a customer wants to connect an old Graco striper to our Lazy Liner.  It is a fact that we offer the best assortment & features of ride-on driving systems on the market today."

I must say the Titan sales, office, shipping and technical staff have been superb when supporting me as a distributor which translates to better customer service to our patrons.

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