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Tru Mark Model E-100 Athletic Field Marker YouTube Video Clip

Posted by TruMark / Friday, June 20, 2014 / Posted Under: Demos, Product_Review
  • Tru Mark Model E-100 12-volt diaphragm pump technology is easy to operate and maintain and runs quietly with low volume low pressure output with very little to no safety issues concerning paint injection under the skin. This technology is now being used by the professional baseball leagues to reduce skinned area contamination. (Model EZ-70 baseball infield demonstration image)
  • The 2 angled off-setting nozzle spray applicator provides excellent coverage, no need to cover the line twice thus saving time.
  • The unit features line application between center and outside wheel for direct line of sight striping operations for the operator (toward the end of the video clip). 
  • Tru Mark's Terrain Following Paint Shield Assembly technology ensures a crisp line no matter the terrain, adjustable with shields widths from 2" to 8" using traditional hex head Allen wrench. 
  • The set once shield rotation design through gravity and handle bar control requires no springs thus no recurring adjustment during operations on rough terrain.
  • Recently the E-100 unit has been upgraded to 12 inch wheel configuration on a wide platform deck and ergonomic handle bar assembly improving the control and ease of operation.
  • All steel deck design and major metal operational parts (zinc plating, brass, stainless steel) ensure longevity and endurance.
  • A traditional 12-volt deep cycle marine battery operates 6 plus hours before recharging (charger included, battery purchased by customer).
  • Easy pump maintenance with hand tools (Philips screw driver). 
  • Unit includes spray wand and hose. 

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