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Get Ready for the 4th of July with a Ribbon or Star Stencil!

Posted by TruMark / Wednesday, June 10, 2015 / Posted Under: Demos, Product_Review, Trends

The patriotic ribbon stencil is 9' wide x 18' tall.

Stencil Application Tips:
  • Paint a white background under the entire stencil to make the image more vibrant. One way to look at it is like painting the stencil on a wall in your home. If your wall was a green color (like the grass) you would most likely use a primer to prep the area and eliminate the need for multiple coats. Treat the painting of a field stencil no differently!
  • Use an aerosol field marking paint can or spray wand applicator to quickly outline the painted sections of the stencil so the stencil can be removed quickly from the turf. After the stencil has been removed then fill in the respective paint areas.
  • For more tips visit our website!
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