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Field Intersections; Tricky Business

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, June 25, 2015 / Posted Under: Turf _Tips, Demos, Product_Review

Perfect intersections are the cornerstone (pun intended/U/420/Userfiles/Blog/Bad-2BField-2BLining-2Bby-2BMPAJ-300x169.jpg" width="320" />

To help you make sure that you are creating perfect 90 degree angles at each and every location we recommend using marking whiskers to quickly and accurately locate your intersections.

The marking whiskers are bundles of brightly colored nylon that are hammered into the ground after being attached to either a 60 penny nail or a composite nail. (the composite nail gets bonus points for being less of threat to your mowers. It will break instead of damaging the mower blade if the mower ever pulls the whisker out of the ground).  You trim the whiskers to the height of the grass and can leave it in there all season. After your whiskers are in you will easily be able to find and string the lines so that they will be perfectly straight every time.

Some other items that will help you out:

Eazy Crease – circles are a pain to paint, this tool will make it the easiest part of painting the field

String winder – string gets tangled and takes a long time to rewind, let’s use a power drill and take an early lunch.

Stake-Alls – another form of whisker for those that love options

Field Anchors – versatile construction grade anchors. These go in the ground and will never come out marking permanent locations. (take a look, we make whisker plugs for them as well!)

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