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How Many Soccer Field Intersections Need to be Staked for Line Marking

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When marking a soccer field (world football) for the first time and subsequent seasons how many points or intersections should you be staking? Here's my quick calculations and why these are staking points for pulling a string line when marking a football field.

 "Mandatory" staking points
4 - Four primary corners of the soccer field playing boundary, a "squared" field
8 - Goalie Box line both ends of the field (each corner of the box)
8 - Penalty Box line both ends of the field (each corner of the box)
2 - Midfield Line, at the Touch Line
2 - Penalty Kick Spot
3 - Center point of field, Center of each goal
27 - Subtotal

"Optional" staking points
2 - Halfway Line Flag
4  - Coach and Team Area, each corner, 10 foot off the touchline at 30 feet between each area
4 - Media safety zone, 12 foot off the sideline from four major corners
4  - Hash Mark, behind the
8  - Photographer Line, varies from 15' to 18' behind End Line
4  - Spectator Line, 20' from Touch and End Line
26 - Subtotal 

Learn more about the soccer  field marking standards.

Check out the different staking options using marking whiskers and associated stakes (nails and Raptor Stakes), Stake Alls integrated marking whisker with plastic stake, Tru Mark metal field line anchor with whisker plug.

Save time by using Tru Mark String Winders and the feature to allow for quick string recovery using a cordless drill.

Looking for temporary marking solution on synthetic turf field for that weekend tournament where the lines come off with water or foot/brush action, no special cleaning agent, the consider aerosol chalk (different chalk colors, red, blue, yellow) or bulk liquid chalk.
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