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Landscape Paver Stone Large Design Layout Solutions

Posted by TruMark / Friday, November 22, 2013 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Trends, Turf _Tips
Paver Stone Design for a Circular Drive Way
Landscaping companies are being asked to install designs using paver stones. How can you implement a very large detailed design, say 60 foot diameter, and ensure it will come out based on the original CAD/PhotoShop design?

One solution is converting the design into a flexible custom sheet plastic stencil. Initially all the paver stones are laid out in the landscape/driveway/patio. The flexible stencil is then stretched out over the paver stones and the design is traced onto the paver stones. The stencil is removed. Then each stone is removed and cut based on the marks. The different colored stone pavers are also cut based on the markings after the lines are transcribed. The cut pavers are then replaced into the landscape, the infill is worked into the gaps, possibly with vibrating machines to improve the settling. And your design is completed in the paver stone landscape.

Another solution is overprinting the design on engineer paper using a scale that is appropriate for your situation.You then replicate the grid on the pavers stones using string/twine, say ever 1 foot, thus a one foot square grid. Referring to the scaled printed image you identify the intersections on the string grid. Using straight/curved edges and a marking pencil/pen you connect the crossing on the string grid onto the paver stones. Once done, pull the string lines and begin pulling and cutting paver stones.

Please consider Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker to speed up the stone paver layout design by manufacturing a custom flexible stencil. Send us a good quality image and we can provide you with a price quote.The particular design shown above was ordered and completed by manufacturing 1/4th of the design, approximately 27' x 27' of sheet plastic. The customer after marking 1/4th of the paver stone area, rotated the stencil 90 degrees and completed the markings. Offset markings were used to align the stencil relative to the 3rd curb ring at the center of the design. This particular landscaping customer in Rhode Island stated, "Template worked perfect!!".
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