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How to Paint Lacrosse Lines on a Football Turf Field

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, January 30, 2014 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Turf _Tips
I am on the board for a HS Lacrosse program in IL.
We have a brand new turf football field and need to stripe it for Boys and Girls Lacrosse this Spring.
We would prefer a longer lasting paint (90 days?). Black and Yellow.
We need info and pricing on paint types, sprayers and removers.

For temporary marking paint I would suggest our TrailBlazer Rally Day removal paint formulation along with the Trail Wash removing agent. Plan on about 300 linear feet per gallon of paint. This paint is normally not diluted. 5-gallons should be sufficient for lacrosse and I would recommend 5 gallons of the TrailBlazer Trail Wash as well.

For field marking equipment I would recommend is the Titan Powrliner 850 which has adjustable pressure so you can achieve sufficient pressure for undiluted paint.

The Trail Wash can be applied with a traditional hand pump-up or battery operated backpack sprayer. This product is sprayed on and a brush or mechanical broom is used to agitate the turf fibers and then rinsed with water. This may require several iterations. You do not let the Trail Wash dry during the application and removal process. There are MSDS labels for the paint and removal agent on each webpage under Additional Information tab.

So for estimation purposes:
1)    Titan Powrliner 850, $1,677.00 plus $125.00 S&H
2)    TrailBlazer Rally Day, Yellow, 1 5-gallon pail, $250.00 plus $35 S&H
3)    TrailBlazer Rally Day, Black, 1 5-gallon pail, $250.00 plus $35 S&H
4)    TrailBlazer Trail Wash, 1 5-gallon pail, $110.00 plus $35.00 S&H
Total $2,517.00
These products should ship with 5-7 days.

Since you mentioned you would like to have the lines to remain for 90 days this may eliminate the aerosol and bulk liquid chalk solutions as with foot traffic and rain the chalk is removed (without cleaning agents). It would require restriping with a traditional aerosol striper using our inverted aerosol cans (just like aerosol paint). Aerosol chalk covers 200 linear feet per can. You would need about a half a case for each color per striping operation. (DuraStripe Aerosol Chalk colors or SwitchBack Double Play liquid chalk in white only right now (could be applied with the Titan 850)) There are some facilities that will not allow paint to be used so that is why chalk is a preferred solution.

Let’s say you have a season that lasts 9 weeks and you restripe once a week, you’ll need 5 cases of yellow and 5 cases of black.
For estimation purposes:
1)    DuraStripe Aerosol Chalk, yellow, 5 cases, $65.00 per case, $325.00
2)    DuraStripe Aerosol Chalk, black , 5 cases, $65.00 per case, $325.00
3)    Aerosol Line Striper, SSAT, $200
4)    Shipping and handling, $95.00
Total $945.00
These items should ship within 3-5 days.

Would there be other sporting event sponsors or facility managers (pavement striping) that could help defray the purchase of the powered line striper? The Titan 850 can be used for parking lot striping as well as natural grass striping. Here's quick comparison between the Graco S100 FieldLazer and the Titan 850 Powrliner.
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