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Premium Bulk Field Marking Paint from All American Paint Co.

Posted by TruMark / Wednesday, February 19, 2014 / Posted Under: Product_Review
All American Paint Co. which Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker is a authorized distributor for reintroduced a reformulated Ameri-Stripe Premium bulk quality field marking paint that can be diluted up to 2 parts water to 1 part paint (2:1). Thus a 5-gallon pail will generate 15 gallons of diluted paint. At 300 linear feet per diluted gallon the Premium Bulk Paint 5-gallon pail will cover 4500 linear feet, well more than coverage for 2 soccer fields. Pricing is based on 20 pail purchases. A pallet holds 24 pails. With current pricing at $49.95 per pail including delivery in the lower 48 states this is bound to be favorite for youth sports associations and city park and recreation departments.

If you need a inexpensive ready to use colored paint solution then we suggest the All American Paint Ameri-Stripe Ready-2-Spray bulk formulation.
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