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Metal Sports Field Markers Located with Metal Detectors

Posted by TruMark / Tuesday, March 11, 2014 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Trends
A recent Tru Mark inquiry mentioned the need to locate soccer field intersections from season to season. Here's their question, "I'm inquiring about the field marker sets you all have for lining soccer fields. Are your markers metal? I would like for any markers I buy for my program/club to be located in the ground each year by metal detectors in order to eliminate measuring. I have a number of fields to line each season and would like to minimize the effort it takes to do so."

Because they are considering purchasing a significant number of items we are passing on a discount that we offer to all customers.

Tru Mark's zinc plated steel Field Line Anchor should satisfy their requirements.

This unit is inserted into a predrilled hole (using 3/4" soil/wood/steel drill bit), tapped into place with the 3" disc at grade level or below. These can be located with a magnet as well as our Whisker Plug inserts.

I've included several links with images of the Field Line Anchor (FLA).

When ordering 12 or more FLAs I can offer you a price of $14.00 each plus shipping and handling. Each FLA weighs just under a pound a piece.

If you order a FLA with whisker plug the pricing would be $18.00 per set. For the  large volume discount pricing please refer to this Blog posting #20140311.

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