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Soccer Field Layout Tool Testimonial

Posted by TruMark / Tuesday, April 15, 2014 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Services, Testimonials
"This is the greatest tool ever for marking fields.

We have about 35 fields in the Spring season and about 25 for the Fall season.  We also run two tournaments each summer with between fifteen and twenty fields for each tournament.    All of our fields are marked by volunteers.  I try to not mark fields but spend the time to teach others how it’s done.  But it never fails, I always end up marking a couple each season.

As far as time saving.  I’ve marked hundreds of fields and thought I was pretty good.  The very first time I used this I went from four hours to mark a full size field to less than two hours.  I have now been using this  for about four years and tell everyone how great it works."
Thanks, D.B., Northern Utah United

Tru Mark's Soccer Field Layout Tool, a MS Excel template, that uses the Pythagorean theorem, a*a + b*b = c*c. Three points down the center of the field are used, the center point of the field and the center of the goals along with the desired field dimensions, to locate the intersections so staking with string line can be completed. The template allows for entry of the dimensions and it automatically calculates the distance from the two reference points to the intersections using two tape measures. Locate the distances on the two tapes for a particular intersection and you have a staking position. There has been over 2,000 requests for this tool.

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