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Colored Aerosol Chalk May Stain White Synthetic Turf Filaments

Posted by TruMark / Tuesday, June 26, 2012 / Posted Under: Testimonials, Product_Review
DuraStripe Aerosol Colored Chalk has been a fantastic temporary marking product on synthetic turf fields. It is easy to remove using a broom or foot scuffing and rinsing with water, leaving no ghosting like field marking paints sometime causes, especially in the high UV and high temperature areas of the country. Once the thin film chalk is applied it performs like traditional powdered chalk, but without the build up issues.

There have been a couple recent customer reports experiencing a slight staining of the white sewn in turf fibers when using the colored aerosol chalk, e.g, blue, red, yellow. The solution is not over striping these sections of the turf field when using colored chalk. There have been no reports of the white aerosol chalk staining the traditional green colored turf or sewn in colored lines. If staining has been experienced there is a cleaning agent to remove the stain. Please contact Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker by email or by phone (800) 553-6275 if this is an issue on your fields.
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