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Titan Powrline 4950 and Easy Liner Demonstration

Posted by TruMark / Tuesday, August 28, 2012 / Posted Under: Demos, Product_Review
Titan Tool and Plymouth, MN played host to a turf and pavement line striping demonstration for the Titan Speedflo Powrliner 4950 and PowrDriver Easy Liner with turf tires option, organized by D. Ervasti Sales, Sauk Rapids, MN and Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker, Norfolk, NE.

Tom Heine, Titan Tool representative and several other Titan marketing members used two Plymouth, MN locations to show case the Powrline 4850 two gun unit with a PowrDriver with turf tires for nine sports turf managers from the Minnesota Sports Turf Managers Association chapter.

The demonstration opportunity exposed observers to the PowrDriver with turf tire option in the latest introduction to the Titan line striping capabilities when it comes to self-propelled riding turf and pavement striping
Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker has created a self-propelled rider line striping package featuring this same demonstration configuration with the addition of a 12 gallon paint hopper for longer duration striping before refilling. The demonstration used ready to use sports field marking paint as well as pavement striping bulk latex paint.
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