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Where to Locate Sports Field Marking Service Providers

Posted by TruMark / Wednesday, November 21, 2012 / Posted Under: Services, Turf _Tips
Where can I locate a company or organization that can provide field marking services? We receive numerous calls from youth sports organizations that need a one time or recurring field marking service. One of the best resources is the American Sports Builders Association.

ASBA supports a Certified Field Builder Program to help raise professional standards and to improve the practice of field construction. Typically field marking is one of the requirements for a company in completing or renovating a sports field. Many times these companies use subcontractors to satisfy all the requirements. Although contacting one of these companies may not result in an immediate solution, they typically have a list of subcontractors that do provide field marking services.

The ASBA has an organizational search directory that allows users to search by an individual state and different categories such as Tennis, Track, Indoor, Synthetic Turf, Natural Turf, and Other. Some companies offer services for specific category of surfaces. The check boxes act as an "and" function versus an "or" function which is opposite of my assumption, thus more selections may provide less listings.

If you are a field marking service provider please send us an email with your contact information and we'll post it on our Links webpage.

Refer to one of our our earlier blog posts--Sports Field Marking--How to be a Pro.

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