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Raptor Stake Increases Safety in Field Marking Operations

Posted by TruMark / Saturday, March 3, 2012 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Sports, Turf _Tips
Sports field marking is always a challenge given the amount of time to layout a field and locating the intersections, especially from one season to the next. Tru Mark field marking solutions incorporate marking whiskers to save time for the field marking staff and volunteers.

One of the options for holding marking whiskers in place on a natural turf sports field is the Raptor Stake. This 6" long composite nail product is stronger and lighter than an traditional 60 penny 6" steel nail yet provides a increased measure of safety for the field maintenance equipment. No more dulled mower blades, flying shrapnel, and jagged metal pieces on the playing surface. Tru Mark allows you to purchase a set of marking whiskers (different colors) and Raptor Stakes in package of 25.

There are many other applications for the Raptor composite nails. See the video to learn more about this innovative product.

Raptor Composite Nails and CNC Operations

To help with laying out your soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and ultimate frisbee fields visit the respective sports field layout too web page, a free offer when sending an email, at Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker FAQ web page. Use soccer or rugby field layout tools to layout a touch football or full football field by repeating the intersections for the different 5-yard lines.

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