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Titan Speeflo Powrliner Self-propelled Rider Field Marker Package

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, March 22, 2012 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Sports
Tru Mark is offering a Titan Speeflo Powrliner Package which is an integrated self-propelled rider package that is comparable to the Graco R300 Complete unit, for less cost and more capabilities.

Special offer through July 7th, 2012, Save $400, now $10,995.00. There is now $1,500 difference between Graco S300 unit.

The Tru Mark Titan Speeflo Powrliner Package combines the Titan Speeflo Powrliner 4950 (2 gun standard, $300 value for second S-3, 4-finger gun) field line marker with the Titan Speeflo PowrDriver self-propelled rider and a 12-gallon hopper. There is a $1,100 difference in pricing between the Graco S300 Complete and the Tru Mark's Titan Speeflo Powrliner Package including more features. Read more about the capabilities and features of the Tru Mark Titan Speeflo Powrliner Package.
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