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Walleye Fishing Tackle--Mustad Slow Death Hook

Posted by TruMark / Tuesday, April 10, 2012 / Posted Under: Sports, Testimonials, Trends
Some new products revolutionize an industry. You can many times learn from other industries and adapt a method/technique or reuse a product for your particular industry. The fishing tackle industry is always testing variations on products to improve the fishing experience. One of the latest introduction is uniquely bent fishing hook that cause more action by the bait that is applied.

A well kept secret has finally been exposed, the Mustad Slow Death Hook. This special hook with a long snell, possibly connected to bottom bouncer, and a well applied night crawler causes walleye fish to strike on a regular basis.

Nebraska Custom Tackle, home to has introduced this latest walleye fishing tackle solution into the Slow Death Rig. This along with their latest Rattl'n Bottom Bouncer will be sure to generate some excitement during your next fishing trip. The following video (2:00) illustrates the operation and method to effectively use this latest technology.

What can you learn from other industry leaders? What industries seem to always be adapting to new challenges? Some of these happen to be in the entertainment and recreation industries where people continue to spend a lot of time and money. Who do you know in these industries that can possibly help you look at a problem and solution in a different way?
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