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Aerosol Chalk Versus Aerosol Paint

Posted by TruMark / Wednesday, October 12, 2011 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Turf _Tips
The following questions were asked concerning the use of aerosol chalk. The image to the left is a scuff test on synthetic turf.

"I’m writing to find out some additional information on the aerosol chalk product. I noticed that there is aerosol paint and aerosol chalk so I can only assume these are different products. Is the chalk substance truly like a standard chalk material used to line fields? I ask because there are certain applications that we’d like to use it for our youth organization but I’m very hesitant to use if by spraying it, it actually discolors the dirt. However, with it being chalk, it would be a much finer material. Please confirm. Also, what is the spray expectancy of 1 can? 100’? 200’?"
Here's the response that clarifies differences and similarities to aerosol paint.

Yes aerosol chalk is a different product than aerosol paint, yet priced similarly.

The aerosol chalk is applied using the same tools or by hand similar to aerosol paint. The application is a traditional T-tip for upside use.

Once applied the aerosol chalk performs similar to traditional dry powdered chalk. Applying it to the skinned area of an infield should be done after the area has been wetted down otherwise you’re going to cause a lot of dissipation and dust from the propellant. The aerosol chalk application will be a much thinner than the dry powder chalk.

The aerosol chalk, 20 ounce can with 18 ounces of material, will typically cover about 200 linear feet, possible more or less depending on the pace. As with aerosol paint, aerosol chalk is sold 12 cans per case. Tru Mark will support a mixed case of different colors.

There should be no discoloration other than what you would find with a build-up of chalk in a specific area or along a line. We would suggest avoid over spraying on colored areas other than green turf. In a couple situations their has been a slight stain after application of the colored chalk. Foot traffic and water will quickly dissipate the dried chalk.

Tru Mark also offers the SwitchBack Double Play liquid chalk solution that is applied with similar equipment as bulk latex field marking paint. Both the aerosol and liquid chalk have similar performance characteristics once they dries, mainly no special cleaning agents to remove, just foot traffic or a broom and water.
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