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15 Pound Plus Sandbag for Canopies, Pedestals

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, November 17, 2011 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Sports, Turf _Tips
TruMark has come out with their latest sandbag innovation, the 15 Pound Plus Sandbag. This is the smaller version of the Tru Mark 35 pound sandbag with an added Velcro strap to hold the sandbag upright and around a canopy leg or similar vertical pole equipment item. Check out more photo album images of this multi-purpose 15 Pound Plus Sandbag.

The 15 Plus sandbag holds 15 plus pounds of sand ballast in two inner bag inserts that are closed by wire tie, cable tie, or folded over for preventing spillage and then closed off using the sandbag's Velcro closure. It comes with a 6" nylon webbed hand strap for carrying as well as securing to a cable/rope to increasing the ballast capability, especially for open air canopies. The 15 Plus double pocket sandbag is sized 13 inches wide by 16 inches tall plus 6 inches for the nylon hand strap. The 15 Plus is initially be offered in black and depending on demand in red. Contact Tru Mark for a price quote and lead time on custom colors.

As with all smaller Tru Mark Sandbags and their nylon strap they make excellent ballast bags for inflatables whether for paintball barriers, playgrounds, advertizing and holiday displays.
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