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Multi-purpose Cable Tightening Kit for Sandbag Ballast

Posted by TruMark / Friday, November 18, 2011 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Sports, Turf _Tips
How do maximize the effectiveness of a sandbag around a canopy leg while sitting on a solid surface?

Tru Mark has designed a traditional cable tightening and tie down kit to hold a sandbag in a vertical position with maximum tension on a fixed object above the sandbag. This is especially important when holding a tent canopy in place during winding conditions while on a solid surface. The adjustable tie down kit can be used for holding paintball bunkers/barriers and inflatable games in place for indoor activities as well as increasing the ballast efficiency on pedestals and trade floor displays.

The cable tightening and tie down kit includes approximately 5 feet of 3/16 inch parachute cord, threaded through a wood dowel with two lightweight carabiners and a cord loop for attaching to a fixed object. The wood dowel acts as the tightening lever on the parachute cord while one carabiner is attached to the sandbag and the other carabiner is attached to the loop cord that has been connected to the fixed object.

A picture album shows how the cable tightening kit is installed.

The Cable Tightening and Tie Down Kit is sold as a set of 4. The kit is designed to support the standard 6 inch nylon handle that is constructed in all Tru Mark Sandbags, whether it is the 10#, 15+# (double wide), 20#, 35# (double wide), 45# (long), and 55# sandbags. Custom length parachute cords can be order.
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