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Turf Stake Plus to Hold String Line for Stake All

Posted by TruMark / Sunday, November 20, 2011 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Sports, Turf _Tips
How to hold a line marking string in place while using an existing sports field ground anchor?

Tru Mark continues to find innovative yet simple solutions to common field marking problems. Sports field marking staff need to string a line to support painting the boundary and internal lines. How to effectively hold the string line in place, especially when there is a ground anchor already in place, can be greater challenge than expected.

Since Tru Mark started of marketing the Stake All integrated marking whisker and hard plastic stake there was an opportunity to integrate a mechanism to hold string line. Tru Mark already developed a low cost multipurpose Tru Mark Turf Stake from a 1/4 inch fiberglass rod and plastic hose handle.

Now by introducing a slightly smaller 1/2 inch outside diameter hose section with a 1/4 inch internal diameter the Tru Mark Turf Stake Plus provides a secure holder for string line. A small groove has also been etched into the 1/4 inch fiberglass stake to help hold the string in place during tightening operations. Picture shows for 4 Tru Mark Turf Stake Plus items with one inserted into the Stake All.

Tru Mark now offers a steel field marking anchor solution that has marking whisker identification features as well as capability to hold string line for field painting operations.

As a volunteer sports field line painter I continue to look at how we can enhance products for sports field marking operations while saving time and money. The Tru Mark Turf Stake Plus in another one of those stories.
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