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Tru Mark Titan Paint Shoe Assembly Accessory

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, November 24, 2011 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Sports, Turf _Tips
Innovation, problem solving, and customer service are the three legs of the business ethos for Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker.

The lasted innovation that solves a line marking problem is the Tru Mark Titan Paint Shoe Assembly Accessory. It is designed with the Tru Mark Terrain Following Paint Shield technology not matter the condition of the sports turf field. The terrain following paint shield technology was first used on the Tru Mark first production walk-behind Model E-100 field marker, then integrated into the RS-500 self-propelled riding field markers, and more recently the Model EZ-70 12-volt sealed battery operated walk-behind field marker.

The Titan Paint Shoe Assembly is an accessory configured to be mounted on the Titan Speeflo Powrliner 850 and 2850 line stripers. The assembly uses a separate Titan handle bar lever and cable assembly that are already available as part of the spray gun operations. The handle bar lever is attached to the left hand handlebar assembly and cable routed in the same fashion as the spray gun control cable assembly. The paint guards are designed to be adjusted from 2 to 10 inch widths.

Check out the a series of images in a Tru Mark Titan Paint Shoe Assembly photo album.

Tru Mark Titan Paint Shoe Assembly is mounted on the Titan fixed square tub bracket with the handle bar cable assembly connected to Paint Shoe Guard lifting rod assembly. This allows the lifting of the Paint Shoe Guards off the terrain when making turns and completing a paint line using the handle bar control level. This eliminates the double parallel lines generated by fixed paint shields as a result of the over spray.
The height of the Paint Shoe Guards ensure minimal spray drift problems yet allow easy access to Titan spray gun adjustments and operations.

Lifting rod assembly is long enough to support wide area marking, up to 10 inches wide . The locking set collars on the Paint Shoe Guards are tighten in place using a brass tipped set screws to maintain placement without damaging the lifting rod.
The Paint Shoe Guards can be rotated out of the way when conditions dictate without interfering with spray gun operations.
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