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Ultimate Frisbee Field Layout Tool Converted to Meter Calculations

Posted by TruMark / Monday, January 23, 2012 / Posted Under: Sports, Testimonials, Demos, Product_Review

A recent visitor to our Ultimate Frisbee field layout tool website recognized the need to convert the tool from a feet and inches MS Excel spreadsheet template into a meters calculating tool.

Now when requesting a copy of the Ultimate field layout tool you will have access to both versions of the tool, no charge.

The layout tool is designed to use three common points (both ends of the field (center line) and the center of the field) to calculate the intersection points that are then located on on the field using two tape measures. Walking to the intersection distances specified by the layout tool guarantees a square field no matter what dimensions you start with.

Thanks to Hans Kerns from Nederlandse Frisbee Bond for updating the spreadsheet to use meters versus feet and inches.

We would like to see the Soccer, Rugby, and Lacrosse field layout tools converted to meter calculations. Any help would be appreciated and your efforts will be acknowledged (if desired).
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