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Looking for Removable Field Paints for Use on a Sports Event

Posted by TruMark / Sunday, May 8, 2011 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Turf _Tips
A recent email inquiry generates a couple different options depending on event duration and available resources.

"I have noticed your product Trail Blazer. Just how easy is it to remove the paint and will it leave any ghost marks on the turf. We are looking at drawing 4 soccer pitch on the a regular soccer pitch."

Yes the TrailBlazer removable paint product line is designed to eliminate ghosting when using the Trail Wash cleaning solution and a turf fiber agitation process (e.g., brush/broom/mechanical ). ($200.00 per 5-gallon pail) ($110.00 per 5-gallon pail)

If the lines are only going to be very temporary, say for a weekend, then we would suggest the SwitchBack Double Play liquid chalk product, diluted one part liquid chalk with one part water. This product performs once dried similar to a powdered chalk that is typically used on ball field skinned areas.
($100.00 per 5-gallon pail)

Here’s a list of tips on the amount field marking paint that you should consider.

For plan on 4-5 gallons of undiluted bulk paint for each full sized soccer pitch and about 6 gallons of diluted (3 gallons undiluted) bulk liquid chalk per soccer pitch. Depending on the number of matches the bulk liquid chalk may have to applied a couple times in the high wear areas.

The TrailBlazer undiluted paint product needs to be applied using an airless sprayer that puts out at least 1000 psi at the pump to atomize the material. The Double Play bulk chalk after dilution can be applied using a low volume low pressure sprayer such as our 12-volt diaphragm pump technology field markers.

Yes we can ship to Singapore using UPS Supply Chain Solutions consolidated air freight services. The best pricing is typically from our warehouse location to the nears international air freight terminal where the customer is responsible for the customs and duties. We can provide the commercial invoice, letter of instructions, and bill of lading. Their delivery service is typically 7-10 business days for international shipments. For an price estimate you should consider about $2.00 to 3.00 per pound shipping expense. Each 5-gallon pail weighs approximately 60 pounds. Right now for four(4) 5-gallon pails at 60 pounds each will cost close to $500.00 with delivery to nearest international air freight terminal in Singapore.

You might try a flat exterior latex based paint that you dilute one part paint to one part water and apply using an airless painter. This type of paint typically flakes off fairly quickly and can normally be cleaned using a product called Simple Green, biodegradable/non-toxic, cleaning solution along with a broom/brush action. Even testing with a pump hand sprayer might be a worthwhile test on as secluded area of the pitch.
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