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Movable Soccer Goal Safety Act Enacted into Law

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, August 4, 2011 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Trends, Turf _Tips

Over the years numerous injuries and deaths have been associated with soccer goal tip-overs.

Recently, Illinois law makers passed and the governor signed into law the Movable Soccer Goal Safety Act. This law was implemented by a lengthy effort by a family who lost a son to a goal tip-over incident. They created the Anchored for Safety, a non-profit organization to help promote and educate communities and youth sports associations on soccer goal safety concerns and solutions.

There are numerous soccer goal anchoring solutions from auger -- helical (spiral) in shape, semi-permanent connections, staking, to sandbag for synthetic turf and mobile applications. The Anchor for Safety organization has also listed appropriate storing procedures for soccer goals. For example, turning the soccer goal so the goal mouth is facing a fixed object to prevent tipping (see image above).

Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker developed the 35 pound Sandbag solution ( see image above) to help prevent soccer goal tipping problems. This 35# sandbag is designed with two filled pouches so that it can be laid length wise
across a soccer goal ground bar to maximize the ballast characteristics yet minimize overlap exposure, net interference and tripping hazards to participants. Adding several of these easy to carry sandbags that a customer fills on site provides versatility while improving the ballast requirement for soccer goals, especially on synthetic turf fields. Check out the 35# sandbag photo album for images depicting the design and use characteristics.

If you have specific sandbag specifications please contact us and we'll provide you with a price quote. Tru Mark sandbags are made for outdoor and indoor use that feature materials that increase longevity while presenting a professional image when in use. Customers are using these sandbags for doors stops, holding photo equipment in place, trade show booths, to car stops and doorway barriers.
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