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Example of a Good Instructional Video--Playing Catch Mechanics

Posted by TruMark / Friday, August 5, 2011 / Posted Under: Services, Trends, Turf _Tips

How do you improve your skills, professionalism, and quality of life? What tools can help make a difference in your business and increase the value for your customers? Obviously hard work, diligence, learning and executing the proper methods, and a passion to improve. With improved communication and video technologies the visualization of the skill development (and product development) has made a big difference from the telling, showing, to having the means to confirm execution.

Growing up my passion was playing baseball, actively playing from 5 yrs old through a American Legion baseball and town team program. In addition I had the opportunity to play fast and slow pitch softball which is a much different game. For 10 plus years I've helped coach in youth baseball programs. I was fortunately to be exposed to good instructional programs for youth coaches and learned much. Now with improved video and the internet there are more tools available to help make sense of how to take your game to the next level and help players better understand the purpose behind the skills you are teaching them.

One of the better video instructional series is by IMG Baseball Academy which covers multiple sports through the YouTube website. What I liked is they have incorporated the "why and how" into the video series. They have used terminology that has become standard in learning the game of baseball and preform to a higher level.

Tru Mark has taken some early steps in helping with customer education by incorporating a Tru Mark business blog, a product and services photo album with captions to describe what is depicted, and a Frequently Asked Questions section that has a lot of helpful material on Tru Mark products and field marking tips.

Tru Mark in the near future will be using video clips to help expand the "understanding" of the different product offerings. For example, a video that answers why marking whisker plugs with the field line anchor and turf stake help with your field marking operations.
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