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Time Elapsed Football Field Painting Video

Posted by TruMark / Friday, September 30, 2011 / Posted Under: Demos, Sports, Turf _Tips
A college football head coach is an active participant in field painting operations. Not unheard of in high schools around the country, but not that routine at college level, especially in this particular case.

The Omaha World Herald staff writer, Marjie Ducey, captures a great story that started back in the 1980s on the value of presenting a good looking playing field for players and fans. At the time graduate assistant and now Chadron State football coach Bill O'Boyle has been able to apply his creative flare on the the football field canvas. His latest creation is an interlocking C and S letter with the American flag features. The Chadron State staff has been able to capture a time elapsed video of the many different steps required to paint a college football field.

As always good field paint equipment and supplies are an integral part of a successful sports field painting operations. Saving time, minimizing costs and mistakes are top goals of most staff responsible for field painting. Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker strives to exceed those goals when it comes to offering equipment, tool, supplies solutions and customer service.
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