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SMG SportChamp Synthetic Turf Cleaning and Rejuvenating Tool

Posted by TruMark / Friday, January 21, 2011 / Posted Under: Trends, Services, Demos, Product_Review
2011 STMA Annual Conference Seminar on Wheels provided the opportunity to witness some new equipment being used on synthetic turf fields. One of the newest additions is the SMG SportChamp synthetic turf cleaning and rejuvenating tool.

This is a German built mechanized riding unit with different accessories. Our SMG SportChamp photo album pictures were taken on the all artificial turf U of.Texas baseball complex. This tool is also used on their new UofT football field installation.

We heard several attendees say this is the best tool on the market to pick up debris while allowing the infield material to fall back on the turf. The rotary brushes do a good job of helping stand up the fibers and agitate the infield to minimize the surface from becoming too hard. The tool can be outfitted with a spraying operation to apply cleaning solutions, antibacterial, and water.

Here's a SMC SportChamp YouTube video that does a good job of explaining the operations and the different accessories.

One comment we heard, since the unit's brush accessory is only about 36 inches wide is it can take close to day to cover a synthetic turf field. The base unit runs in the neighborhood of $60,000 according to the UofT staff plus the cost of the different accessories.

Several companies are now offering this tool as part of their services. One of these US companies has business relationship with SMG and shows a video of the equipment in action.

Several attendees indicated they have or will be negotiating a service contract to have a service company rejuvenate their field(s) on a annual basis.

Service companies:
SportInstall LLC
Astro Turf USA
Panhandle Turf Care, LLC
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