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On-line Photo Album Versus Printed Marketing Material--Athletic Field Marker

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, December 9, 2010 / Posted Under: Demos, Product_Review, Turf _Tips

Many of manufacturers and vendors have a hard time being able to provide demonstrations to prospective customers. In many cases other customers can be very helpful in explaining field marking operations with the equipment being considered. It is even better if the two groups can get together to share the benefits of the product in question.

Tru Mark continues to try and help prospective customers better understand the advantage of our product offering through testimonials and marketing material. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here at Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker we try and always carry a camera to catch some of the important capabilities and unique features in digital image format. It helps to share some of these examples for clarification purposes.

When customers step up to the proposition of purchasing a self-propelled riding field marker they will be committing a significant amount of money initially. The expectation is the customer will achieve a cost savings over the long term when in comes to personnel resources as well as supplies. Some of the more subtle concerns may not be apparent between competing solutions.

Some of these concerns involve how easy is it to find repair parts and service in the local area of this unit. How easy is it for the operator to fill the unit as well as clean out the unit. Another question that comes up is can I mix the paint after it is poured into the unit versus mixing in 5-gallon pails or larger containers before hand and after the unit sets over a lunch break. What type of paint coverage can I expect? Will I need to overstripe? These are just a few examples of what a operator is interested in versus what the purchasing agent might be considering.

Many times some of these concerns can be covered by a visual presentation, such as a on-line photo album. Here again Tru Mark incorporates some of the new on-line features to help tell our story.

For example, here are a list of photo albums depicting the Model RS-500 series field marker. We would appreciate your comments on these images.
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