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Tru Mark Field Striper Parts Used in Robot

Posted by TruMark / Monday, June 14, 2010 / Posted Under: Demos, Services, Sports, Trends

Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker helped with providing field marker parts for a students' high school project designing, building and testing a robot controlled field line striper. This involved a group of seniors at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Alexandria, Virginia) in the Automation/Robotics and the Prototyping/Engineering Materials Research Laboratories.

The project was present on June 2nd of 2010, at the students school that hosted their second annual Symposium To Advance Research, TjSTAR for short.

Here's a short synopsis of their proposed project. Our project is The Design and Execution of an Automated Athletic Field Lining Machine. Field lining is a process that requires a lot of time and precision. This makes it an optimal task to automate. Our design for a machine that will automatically line athletic fields consists of three parts. Two end cars will travel to the endpoints of each line that needs to be painted, guided by Radio Interferometric Positioning System (RIPS). A paint car will travel along a pair of cables pulled taut between the two end cars, ensuring that the painted line will be straight. Once we have successfully painted a football field, we will attempt to program the ability to paint other athletic fields such as soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, or baseball fields.

Our research labs provide us with some funding to pursue our research, but it is often not enough to cover all costs. In our case, we have found that the cost of our project will run over budget by several hundred dollars. We hope that you will consider donating or providing a discount on the items you sell that are integral to the completion and success of our project. We are looking for the actual painting mechanism including the pump, paint tank, and nozzle of/from the EZ-70 model field marker.
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