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How to Help Non-Profits Succeed in Their Mission

Posted by TruMark / Sunday, July 11, 2010 / Posted Under: Demos, Product_Review, Sports, Turf _Tips
Over the years Tru Mark has been asked many questions about whether our sports field marking products will help a non-profit organization's particular problem, in some cases asking if we know of something that may work. We continue to connect with non-profit sports associations as well as other related programs that are conducting sporting events on synthetic turf fields where the facility owner does not want permanent or removable lines painted.

We were contacted by Brian Horvath, co-founder of The Mastermind Unit, and sponsor of the Annual MasterMind Unit Soccer for a Cause Tournament on Long Island, NY. They needed to mark a soccer pitch on an existing synthetic turf field where the marking material was easily removed without cleaning agent nor equipment. They came to Tru Mark which offered two solutions, aerosol chalk and bulk liquid chalk (Switchback Double Play). Given the respective equipment requirements Brian chose the aerosol chalk solution which more than met their needs (quick application with aerosol striper and little to no clean) and that of the turf facility personnel (line removal with foot traffic and water).

We are glad to help similar organization minimize cost and resources so they can achieve a successful event in a number of ways.
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