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Field Line Anchor Installation Photo Album

Posted by TruMark / Sunday, August 1, 2010 / Posted Under: Demos, Product_Review, Turf _Tips
The multi-purpose Tru Mark Field Line Anchor has been a well received tool for the sports turf industry. We've created a Tru Mark Field Line Anchor installation instructions photo album to help users.

The instructions to install field line anchors include the following.
1) You need a 1 inch auger, I used a 1" wood auger, to drill a hole in the turf and ground, down at least 6-8". A wood auger is overkill but it can be readily found in most hardware stores. You should try to an vertical hole which will directly impact the orientation of the anchor and anything used in the anchor receiver.
2) Once you have your hole drilled and debris removed from around the hole you can then slip the anchor into position.
3) You should then tap down the anchor so it is flush with the ground, possibly removing in thatch from just below the 3" diameter top.
4) Once this is done you anchor should be in position until removed. Now you have a tool for line staking and soccer corner flags.

What makes these different from other field anchors and ground plugs, primarily the corrosive resistant steel material that can be found with a magnet, debris will not build up a the bottom of the receiver, and they are basically indestructible.

Purchase your own Tru Mark Field Line Anchor from a source of innovative products helping sports turf managers and facility managers save money and time for their operations.
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